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Meet the Dutch at Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place 2016 in Vancouver

We'll be there to meet with you.

The Netherlands is well known world wide for its safe bike infrastructure and progressive bike policies. After the oil crisis in the early seventies and increasing numbers of children dying in traffic, the Netherlands started to build an unprecedented bicycle network that is still being expanded today. The Netherlands, roughly the size of the Province of Nova Scotia and just a wee bigger than Vancouver Island has 35,000 km (22,00 miles) of protected bike infrastructure.

Alternative for the car

With an increase in population, now at 17 million, the Dutch also started to promote cycling as an alternative way for taking the car to work as the nation's road are getting increasingly clogged. In more recent years, the Dutch have been working on highways for cyclists to make it more attractive to take the bike to work. 

Optimising bike infrastructure

If you bike yourself, you know how annoying it is to have to stop, walk your bike, struggle through narrow spaces, bike on poor road surfaces. The bike highways are designed to build the most direct routes, with smooth surfaces, right of ways, underpasses to avoid having to stop at intersections and wider paths in order to make passing easier.

Design for the bike

On the other hand, new housing developments are more and more designed to make it easy to take the bike for the short distance, but more cumbersome for cars to get to the same destination.

Booth at conference: Dutch Meeting Point

Come to Pro Bike/ProWalk/ProPlace and meet the Dutch at the 'Dutch Meeting Point' and learn how the Netherlands became the world's bicycle nation, discuss infrastructure solutions with Dick van Veen and learn how the city of Ottawa is transforming the city for cycling with help of Mobycon.

Holland House: Meet the Dutch (and the Canadians) at DUDOC

On Tuesday September 13, at 5:30 pm we'll open the doors of the Holland House, hosted at Dutch Urban Design And Development Centre (DUDOC) in the heart of Vancouver. Dudoc is located at 1445 W Georgia Street, V6G 2T3, a short distance away from the conference.

We'll have short introductionary presentations by Modacitylife, Mobycon, Rinske Brand and the plans for Velocity 2017 in the Dutch cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, moderated by Hans Moor, who works at the Dutch embassy in Ottawa, blogs about cycling in Otttawa and the Netherlands and was the president of Ottawa's bike advocacy group 'Citizens for Safe Cycling' between 2010 and 2015.

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