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Canada: General information

Are you planning to do business in Canada?

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) in The Hague, the Embassy in Ottawa and the Consulates-General in Toronto and Vancouver are here to help you with information on sector developments, legislation, opportunities for subsidies and useful contacts in Canada.

Please visit the website of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) for information on the latest news, economy, foreign trade, legislation and developments in sectors. You can also find here information on financing of projects as well as stories on people’s own experiences, a schedule of relevant events and useful links.

The Embassy in Ottawa and the Consulates-General in Toronto and Vancouver have trade departments with  partly rotational and partly locally hired staff. The departments have extensive knowledge of certain local markets and are well connected in a number of sectors of the economy and local life.

General information on the Canadian market

As Canada is a very large and diverse country, it is important to decide where you want to do business. It is unrealistic to expect to cover the whole country from one place. Much of the legislation for businesses is provincial; another reason to decide first where your key market will be. Provinces may have different incentives: sometimes (land and tax) deals can be made if you create jobs in certain areas in the country. An article in the Dutch Fenedex magazine probably sums it all up. Read the article here (PDF, 2MB)

Blakes, Canadian Lawyers, has put a comprehensive document on line, that will cover most of the general questions you will have. The 200-page document covers everything you need to know, from taxes to labelling. The PDF-file can be found here: " Doing Business in Canada". You may want to take a look at Canada's International Gateway " Doing Business with Canada" which provide you with links to databases, trade policy, import and export controls, innovation and government resources. Lastly, the website of Holland Trade contains a lot of information.

Other sources for information are the many Dutch Canadians who settled in Canada. Businesses with a connection to the Netherlands (for example Dutch owner, Dutch employees or second generation Dutch) can often be very helpful in making that first step in a new market. The Dutch Business and Professional Association Vancouver is such an organization. The Canadian Netherlands Business and Professional Association in Toronto is another one. 

NEN - Nederlands Normalisatie-Instituut

The Netherlands Normalisation institute has a useful document with an overview of all the ISO/TC's for your perusal. For more info, contact Jeannette Leenders (, +31 15 26 90 311). 

For more specific questions you can contact the following departments: