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Doing business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the European home of more than 2,100 North American firms, and the list keeps growing. That’s because of the Netherlands’ strategic location, pro-business government, tax laws, and labor force, which together make it easier for companies to establish or expand their operation in Europe.

For North American companies that want to establish their business in the Netherlands and take advantage of the Dutch business environment as a strategic base to cover Europe, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) is the first port of call.

NFIA provides companies with free advice, information, practical assistance, and access to a broad network of business partners and government institutions, all quickly and confidentially.

Among the many prominent North American companies that have taken advantage of NFIA's services are Abbott, Bombardier, Boston Scientific, Chemtura, Cisco Systems, Coca-Cola, Forever21, Heinz, Nike, Oracle, Terremark, Tesla, VistaPrint, and Wieden + Kennedy.

With offices in New York, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency can help your business grow in Europe.

Please watch this video to see why companies invest in the Netherlands: